Customized Managed Investment Solutions


Caspian is a SEC registered Investment Adviser focused on private equity and real estate investments. Caspian is related to Natixis Investment Managers and its affiliates.


  • Provide comprehensive review of the North American private equity market
  • Work with clients to establish mandates, set guidelines and design target portfolios
  • Analyze existing private equity portfolios
  • Set up discretionary or non discretionary investment vehicles customized to the client needs (including focus on cross-boarder issues, tax considerations, currency, cash flow, other)
  • Source, manage capacity, underwrite and conduct due diligence on North American managers
  • Work within investment vehicle frameworks to effect mandates and make investment guidelines
  • Negotiate and effect legal document for commitments as well as disposal via secondary sales
  • Serve as the primary relationship contact for investment managers and represent in annual meetings and advisory boards
  • Monitor portfolios and provide detailed customized performance reporting
  • Manage operations, including capital calls and distributions, accounting, legal, hedges, relation with tax preparers, etc…
  • Other, as structured and suited to client needs
  • Acts as manager for investments made in real estate funds


  • Articulate strategy and focus on size, sectors, cash flow requirements, tax considerations, other. Unique insights into insurance companies, pension funds, family offices and non-North American institutions
  • Setup a mandate:
    • Top Down: Integrate the client strategy within a comprehensive understanding of the private equity markets
    • Bottom Up: Constant intelligence gathering to evaluate currently available opportunities
  • Develop annual as well as multi-year allocation targets
  • Build a diversified portfolio based on the specifications and access to top performing managers
  • Monitor portfolio and provide customized reporting

Track Record

  • Caspian manages several investment vehicles with investments committed capital across various strategies, with many GPs and funds
  • History of strong performance across economic cycles
  • Significant manager insight from years of investing on private equity markets and by co investing with GPs
  • Specific team and mandate performance available upon request

Investment Team

  • Investment team led by Nitin Gupta (23 years of experience with 21 years of private equity experience) and Sheryl Schwartz (28 years of experience with 18 years of private equity experience)
  • Consensus based Investment Committee